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John Hassler

Technology Consultant

(516) 876-8761

Tech 2020 Solutions is a technology and integration company specializing in data, voice and a variety of communication platforms for enterprise level and small to mid-size businesses. Led by company President, John Hassler, the company provides on-site and off-site support for IT, Cloud Services, Mobile Solutions, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Network Security & Storage, VOIP and Managed Services.

Since 1998, we have taken a consultative approach to assist clients deploy the proper technologies within their businesses to make them more productive, increase operational efficiency, give them a technological advantage over their competition, thus making them more revenue and increasing their overall profitability.

As a trusted service partner, Tech 2020 Solutions is a one stop partner and resource for all of the technologies that serve the backbone of your business. The company’s vast experience with a variety of industries enables their highly trained technicians to service accounts with an in-depth understanding of your core business and the software, hardware and equipment that you use every day.

Dedicated to identifying the right technology to meet your business objectives and growth, the company offers scalable solutions to fit every budget. Believing that technology is a tool, they show companies how to use these tools wisely to improve data flow, security, operations and ensure business continuity.

While the company has the capabilities to service and support a broad spectrum of businesses, the industries that have come to rely on their professionalism and technical expertise include Property Management, Construction, Building Development, Healthcare, Accounting, Finance, Manufacturing, Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgage Brokerage and Legal.

The company provides a monthly blog and news update on important issues to keep clients informed of technology changes that can impact their businesses.

John Hassler
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